Adopting new teaching standards: Fun or folly? Teacher professional knowledge on new science teaching standards in Illinois

Author Michael Burt studies how chemistry teachers build their teaching curricula. He looks at how Illinois teachers use Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the classroom.

Are GMOs a threat? Exploring Views of Peru‘s Ban on Genetically Modified Organisms

Teddy Dondanville studies the GMO ban implemented in Peru. He looks at how different stakeholder groups view the GMO ban and questions the policy aim of the law.

Infection outcomes not significantly affected by thermal variability in a bumble bee host-parasite system

Kerrigan Tobin studies bumble bees and the parasites that infect them. She looks at how temperature impacts the ability of the bumblebee to fight off infections.

Turning up the heat: how turtle hatchlings respond to environmental temperature

Dr. Amanda Wilson Carter works with turtles to see how heatwaves effect the development of the turtle. She addresses how climate change might effect turtles over time.