Submission FAQ

Q: Your work has been published on PubNavigator – now what?

1. Share share and share. To make sure your research reaches the broadest audience, we recommend sharing a link to your article on all of your social media pages, including LinkedIn. You can also add a link to your personal website.

2. Add your PubNavigator article to your CV. You have just received valuable training in science communication. You have translated your published research into a document written at or below a 12th grade reading level. Your PubNavigator article can be added to an “outreach” section on your CV or to a section dedicated to “science communication”. You might add your article like this:

Name. “Title of article.” PubNavigator, release date.

3. Describe your contribution to PubNavigator in your grant applications. One component of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant application is the Broader Impacts statement. The Broader Impacts Review Criterion includes research that will “broaden dissemination to enhance scientific and and technical understanding”, which includes presenting research in a format useful to students and the general public.

Have other questions?

Contact us to submit a question and we will post it on the Submission FAQ page!

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