Volunteer Training: Module 2

Training Materials

What is a 12th grade reading level?

Each of our articles should be at a 12th grade reading level. Watch this video to get a handle on how sentence structure can effect readability:

Video was produced as part of the training materials for the program, Letters to a PreScientist (https://www.prescientist.org/).

Let’s practice!

Read the passages below and try to guess the reading level. Highlight the words to the right of the passage to reveal the answer.

Passage 1: “Secular world views and institutions are similar, either democratic and tolerant, or undemocratic and intolerant. In a rather mixed, diverse world, identity and cultural issues and beliefs which shape the organization of our societies matter deeply for our present and future politics.” Grade: 17

Passage 2: “Next, I wanted to make sure that my catalyst was stable. To do this, I needed to run a test to make sure that my catalyst was recyclable. Being recyclable means that the same catalyst can be used to speed up different batches of reactions without losing its strength.” Grade: 8.8

Passage 3: “With our research, we put forth the idea that perhaps testosterone itself is not a major driver of developmental effects, but rather its metabolites elicit these effects because they are present in the yolk and albumen near the developing embryo later in incubation before many critical processes, such as sexual differentiation, begin.” Grade: 24

Passage 4: “Studying the effects of inbreeding in crickets may not seem like an important thing to research. Our cricket species is not endangered or declining, but the same cannot be said for many other insect species.” Grade: 10.5

Passage 5: “At my field site, Spraklen, we found artifacts and structural features that showed us that the site was occupied for short periods of time, mainly during the Middle Woodland Hopewell period (100 BCE to 500 CE). During this time, the Hopewell peoples used stones to create tools.” Grade: 12

As you can see, sentence structure, as well as language, can make a sentence more complex.

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